02 January 2013
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Apologies for the delay in releasing the Day 12 Answers..... Thanks for playing ...hope you enjoyed it.

24 December 2012
Film Twelve.

So send in your scores if you have kept the Answer Sheet up to date......

21 December 2012
Film Eleven.
Agony nearly over! Today and Monday completes the quiz.

20 December 2012
Film Day Day Ten.
Holidays are coming; holidays are coming!

19 December 2012
We are at Day NINE already. There are about four people playing this quiz.....maybe even five and I hope it has provided you with a bit of amusement and a challenge to the "....little grey cells" now who said that?
Three more (working) days after today and it will be Christmas Eve.

13 December 2012
Day Seven (next Monday) is PLAYERS DAY. You guys get to set a question. So just email the question, to using the E-Mail link, to me by Sunday 16th Dec and it should get included. First Seven received get 'asked'.

Best Wishes

12 December 2012
Well messed up good and proper today and didnt get Day Four published...... So to make up for that we have Day Four and Day Five to think about today! Answers to Day Three tomorrow... And to Day Four the Answers for Day Two are now available.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

11 December 2012
Here we are at Day Three already and this is the first day when you guys get Day One.

Hope you are scoring well.

07 December 2012
Up to you if you play or else just google the answers, but this site will have seven questions each day for the Twelve Days of Christmas 2012.
So each working day there will be questions for you to discuss or else puff your chest out with pride as you demonstrate your prowess at knowing the answers.

So select a day and then get the answers the two days later.

Use the Answer Sheet to record your answers:
Select the page
Right click on the page displayed
Choose Select ALL
Right click and choose COPY

Go to Excel and select Edit|Paste then save the sheet for later

Any comments ----- let me know.

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