FANTASY Web Quiz - Day TEN

Day Ten
20 December 2012
64 A movie of clockwork precision from a director who gives us a caper movie, about a bored businessman organising robberies. The Insurance Investigator falls for the bad guy.

65 The story of a Bible-toting conman, set in the Depression, forming a bizarre partnership with his (real-life) daughter.

66 Tony, the Brooklyn Bum dreams of becoming a disco star in New York.

67 The third outing for Ian Flemings’ suave superspy is one of the slickest of all.

68 This was the first major Hollywood film about Aids, and concerns a homosexual lawyer who takes his firm to court for dismissing him

69 Popular western reworking of the Japanese classic Seven Samurai has one of the greatest classic musical themes written for a movie.

70 Into a 1910 London setting comes the new governess, for two boisterous children of a banker and his suffragette wife That this Nanny is unusual is obvious from the start: she arrives by floating through the air, using her brolly as a parachute.

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